Instructor Profiles

The Shooting Institute was formed to fill the need for quality instruction in the proper use, handling, and storage of firearms for shooters of every level. Whether you work in Law Enforcement or simply wish to be a responsible gun owner, we can help you develop solid skills in order to progress within the discipline.

Bud Lich

* 12 year plus NRA firearms instructor teaching basic to advanced tactical handgun

* Holds first degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate

* Qualified instructor: Refuse to be a Victim®

* Graduate, Massad Ayoob's Armed citizen's Rules of Engagement

* Qualified NRA Range Safety Officer
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Troy DeHart

Troy has over 20 years of law enforcement experience and is a former Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) Shooting Instructor. He has taught many classes directly to Sheriff's Deputies and other police personell both as a member of the Johnson County Sheriff's Department and as an outside consultant. He is an avid hunter and life-long member of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

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Former U.S. Navy Seal Sniper and Marksmanship Instructor


Navy SEAL sniper with six years of direct experience in over one hundred combat operations throughout Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

  • Written, implemented, and instructed multiple close quarters and long range weapons courses for US military special operations personnel
  • Basic and advanced rifle/pistol marksmanship
  • Combat rifle and pistol  
  • Basic and advanced long range rifle marksmanship
  • Instructed five different foreign militaries in weapons marksmanship and CQB tactics
  • Combat sniper
  • Competition sniper
  • Concealed pistol
  • Transition shooting
  • Competition pistol and rifle
  • Extreme long range target interdiction >1500 yards
  • NRA member, avid hunter, and outdoorsman 



Conveniently Located in Central Indiana

The Shooting Institute is located about 45 minutes south of Indianapolis, Indiana in Southern Johnson County. We are easily accessible from Greenwood, Bargersville, Nineveh, Franklin, Edinburgh, Indianapoilis, Columbus, Taylorsville, Martinsville, Mooresville, Morgantown, Beech Grove and all of the surrounding areas. Students can also travel from as far away as Chicago, Ft. Wayne, Richmond, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Louisville KY, and many of the surrounding states. We are located right off of Insterstate I-65. The Indianapolis International Airport is about 45 - 50 minutes away. We can assist in recommending local accomodations for groups or individual students. Please let us know when you are enrolling if you need area information. We can also assist with local resources for ammunition purchases.