Advanced Concealed Carry



This course has no books and very little classroom time. There is a heavy emphasis on the practical application of the shooting fundamentals gained in earlier courses.

We will work on advanced shooting positions such as: 


Shooting while moving to cover 

Reloading drills 

More on Engaging multiple targets 

Malfunction drills 

Presentation and movement from different positions 

Point shooting 

Instinctive shooting 

Timed exercises 

Shooting and reloading while wounded 

Shooting under stress drills 

Shooting to stop the threat drills

At course completion you should feel competent and knowledgeable to carry for self-defense.

Course Details:

You will need approximately 300 rounds of ammunition for the conduct of this course.

Course cost is $110.00. A $25 deposit is required to secure your place in class.

See the Course Calendar for upcoming class dates and times.