Concealed Carry

The goals of this course are to develop basic knowledge, skills, attitude, and proper mindset essential for the use of concealed pistol for self-defense outside the home

Skills and techniques covered in this class

  • Presentation from Concealment
  • Multiple shooting positions
  • Utilizing cover and concealment
  • Legal aspects of concealed carry for self-defense
  • Develop defensive shooting skills for use outside the home
  • Responding to an attach outside the home
  • Awareness to avoid confrontations outside the home
  • Engaging multiple targets
  • Strong hand and weak hand shooting skills
  • Aftermath of a defensive shooting
  • Communicating with police, investigators, media, etc. after a defensive shooting

Course Information

  • Requires completion of Basic Training course to enroll
  • You will need approximately 200 rounds of ammunition for the completion of this course
  • At course completion you will receive a Certificate of Completion, materials on Firearms and the Law, and more

$165.00 per person


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