Home Invasion

  • The goals of this course are to develop basic knowledge, skills,and attitude essential for safe and efficient use of a handgun for protection of self and family inside the home
  • Will also cover developing the proper mindset for using a firearm for personal protection

Skills and techniques covered in this class

  • Develop defensive shooting skills
  • Develop strategies to survive a home invasion
  • Learn the ethical responsibility of owning a firearm
  • Learn mental awareness
  • Utilizing cover and concealment
  • Engaging multiple targets
  • Strong hand and weak hand shooting skills
  • Aftermath of a defensive shooting
  • Communicating with police, investigators, media, etc. after a defensive shooting

Course Information

  • Requires completion of Basic Training course to enroll
  • in-depth discussion on judicious use of deadly force and how to set up a safe room
  • Live fire exercises including shooting on the move and utilizing cover and concealment
  • You will need approximately 150 rounds of ammunition for the completion of this course
  • At course completion you will receive a Certificate of Completion, materials on Firearms and the Law, and more

$165.00 per person


See the Course Calendar for upcoming classes.