Quality Firearms and Defensive Instruction

The Shooting Institute is dedicated to providing quality firearms instruction to shooters of all levels - whether you have never actually fired a weapon or are a law enforcement or military professional our cadre of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, Military Shooters, and NRA Certified Instructors has the experience to help you build or improve the skills you need to be both technically and tactically proficient with a firearm.

We teach:

  • Firearms Safety and Storage
  • Concealed Carry of Weapons
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Defensive Shooting
  • Defensive Handgun Skills
  • Defensive Rifle and Shotgun Skills
  • Personal Defense and Awareness - Both Armed and Unarmed
  • Confrontation Tactics

If you are a law abiding citizen and are thinking of purchasing a firearm or you have owned firearms for many years you owe it to yourself and those around you to seek out the best training you can get on the proper and responsible use of these weapons. The best shooters are those that understand that quality instruction and practice are absolute necessities.

Our courses accommodate men and women of any age and physical ability level and help you advance in the world of shooting whether your focus is hunting, sport shooting, professional, or purely defensive - we are here to help.

The skills you learn here will serve you for a lifetime. Sign up for a course today!



If you want to learn basic firearms safety, shooting skills and concealed carry we run basic courses on a regular basis.

We also run advanced courses that allow you take your practical defensive shooting skills to the next level.

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