There are two forces in this world: there is good and there is evil.

The main function of The Shooting Institute is to train the good, to protect themselves and their loved ones, from the evil. We provide the tools for you to build a defense with.

You may never need to defend yourself or your loved ones from pure evil, and I hope you never do. Most untrained people who do meet evil, may simply freeze at the thought of what is happening at that moment. This freeze can last from a few seconds or the whole encounter.

People who are trained and practice their training are more likely to react and less likely to freeze. They can react because their subconscious sees the evil and says, “I have been here before, I know what to do”. In fact, they will do what they must do to protect themselves and not have to give it much thought. Take as an example, highly trained people, such as Police Officers and Military personnel, when they meet a threat they react with what their training has conditioned them to do.

Come in and take a course with us. After you have basic gun safety and have learned the proper shooting fundamentals, you can go on to one of several advances courses, such as Concealed Carry, Close Quarter Combat, or a stress course. We will show you how to practice even if you can’t make it to the range.


Bud Lich

Owner of The Shooting Institute Indiana